How much does a underwater welder make [Underwater Welding Salary]

How much does a underwater welder make

How much does a underwater welder make?

You may be surprised, but underwater welder is one of the most dangerous and well-payed job in the world.

Sometimes commercial underwater welders can make up to $300,000 per year. Of course underwater welder pay  depends on many factors: Depth of Work, Equipment, Distance Offshore, Dive Methods and Experience.


How much does a underwater welder make?

Their pay is more than other experts as they execute difficult tasks under severe settings and problems.

Depending upon the kind of job as well as its area, it is possible to gain a whole year’s salary in a few months. Commercial scuba divers put the ordinary earning of an underwater diver at $25.96 per hour. The the very least paid undersea welder should make approximately $30,700.

The underwater welders salary variation is dependent on various aspects. Each aspect belongs to an equation for being extra valuable as an underwater welder, more pay, and also more task possibilities.


What factors determine how much does underwater welders make a hour?

  • Diving experience

This is the most significant factor that identifies water welding salary. The starting salary for a underwater diver will be various from that of a scuba diver with three years or more of experience.

  • Location

Underwater scuba divers function globally. The pay may vary depending on the nation they are working in.

  • Certification

This creates an excellent impact on companies. If you are a certified diver, they recognize they can trust you, which means they pay you extra.

  • Setting

Underwater projects have various challenges depending upon the atmosphere. As an underwater diver, you may be working in areas with zero exposure, high wave currents, or freezing temperature levels. These problems make the project riskier, which calls for higher pay.

  • Deepness of work

Settlement is likewise depending on the size as well as depth of the task. The deeper the task, the even more they pay.

  • Settlement for overtime

When working offshore, underwater scuba divers benefit from the overtime functioning hrs and make more cash. The aquatic welding job is seasonal.

That means a certain welder can gain a huge quantity of cash on one task and then spend a couple of months prior to touchdown another job. The overtime payments complement for such off-seasons.

  • Diving technique

Usual diving techniques include surface provided air, combined gas saturation, and also Scuba. Scuba diving is mostly made use of for leisure or clinical diving.

Despite the method you utilize, the less insulation between you and also the setting you are working in, which indicates greater pay.

Various other factors that establish the amount of pay consist of the level of education and learning, performance, travel frequency, and so on.

How much does underwater welders make a hour?

According to, the average undersea welding income per hour is $25.28.


What is saturation diving, and also how much do saturation divers make?

When a diver makes a dive to over 300 feet (91 m), they experience the stress of the water around them. The water has to do with 10 times more than the pressure of the water at sea degree. It is a kind of diving where the diver remains in the deep waters for a long time, as well as they utilize gases aside from air to breath.

At this deepness as well as stress, the gases that remain in the lungs liquify right into the blood and cells of the diver. This means that the scuba diver can only stay because depth for a couple of mins, mainly 5 mins. If he stays for longer, the scuba diver may create decompression sickness.

Since undersea welders understand they will invest a very long time in the water, they utilize a strategy called saturation diving. A saturation dive can occupy to three weeks to complete. Throughout this moment, the scuba diver eats and drinks in a stress chamber. Decompression does not happen right now till the work is done.

With these terrible conditions, just how much do saturation divers make?

Saturation underwater welders can gain up to $45,000 to $90,000 monthly. This can translate to regarding $500,000 a year.

Do not begin considering exactly how you can end up being an undersea saturation scuba diver yet. I understand you want the money, yet saturation diving is not a get-rich-quick system. Saturation scuba divers have to go through strenuous training in an industrial driving institution.

It takes a very long time prior to a scuba diver can take the first saturation dive. The saturation divers get what is known as “Depth Pay.” This varies in between $1 to $4 per foot. Primarily, the pay is $1 per foot for the first 100 feet. After that, the payment will rise to $2 per foot. The income is dependent on the size of the dive as well as the deepness of the job.

Saturation divers obtain added perks as a result of the time they invest in the waters and the quantity of stress that their bodies undergo.

Yes, this is a were a difficult job, but sometimes even women can make it. Watch this video

Types of undersea welders and their pay

There are 2 sorts of underwater welders:


  1. Offshore divers

Offshore diving is diving that takes place in seas, gulfs, as well as seas. The support for the offshore scuba divers is offered from the surface, usually from a stationary platform or a boat.

Offshore diving is the entry that indicate commercial diving for the freshly licensed scuba divers. The offshore undersea scuba divers are primarily used by oil and gas industries to accomplish maintenance of their aquatic structures. They likewise utilize them to get rid of oil from under the sea bed.

Upkeep, as well as oil extraction, is not a simple work. The underwater welders require to invest days and also often weeks under the water. They need to withstand swiftly transforming climate, lowered visibility and enhanced pressure from the water.

The undersea welding job is except the weak, yet it is well paying. It is dangerous and also calls for a lot of experience.

How much do offshore undersea welders make?

Under water welding salary

Under water welding salary


We can separate offshore divers into two:

Newbie divers and skilled divers.

For Newbie under water welding salary is $40,000-$ 60,000. For overseas scuba divers with three to five years of experience and more, the starting wage is from $50,000-$ 80,000.

Normally, an overseas underwater welder will invest 4-6 weeks in the sea, as well as they can have overtime of over 10 hours on a project.

An offshore period ranges from April to November and goes down throughout the winter months as a result of the uncertain weather patterns.

  1. Onshore welders

This is likewise called inland diving. It takes place in lakes and rivers typically near dams and bridges. Their support can be external of Scuba, depending on the depth of the dive. The dives primarily happen in freshwaters, which triggers less deterioration on the diving equipment.

Unlike overseas underwater scuba divers, inland divers do refrain from doing upkeep on oil and also gas frameworks. Their job is primarily supporting civil engineering projects. Their job entails examining bridge frameworks for honesty. They likewise work atmospheres as well as challenging atmospheres.

The diver jobs consist of evaluating and also fixing dam walls, reducing underwater particles, evaluating sewer pipes, and so on.


Underwater welding salaries for onshore welder


Average pay for underwater welder

Average pay for underwater welder

Onshore scuba divers can also be categorized into 2:

Newbie divers and also seasoned scuba divers.

Newbie scuba divers will have a starting income of about $25,000-$ 40,000.

For the professional divers with three to five years of experience and above, average pay for underwater welder, in this case, can be $50,000- $80,000.

Onshore divers have a timetable of concerning 40-45 hours of workdays in a year. They have a busy routine throughout the wintertime and also springtime periods because of the tornado problems of the water vessels.

Contrast between topside welding salary as well as undersea welder’s wage.


This is a difficult contrast to make due to the fact that both work in really various conditions. The topside welders do not have to contend with saturation as well as water stress like their underwater counterparts.

However, money speaking, the underwater welders seem to be obtaining much more.

The welding income has to do with $118 a hr, with a yearly wage of $33,380 for topside welders. This is a variation of concerning $20,000 each year when you compare to the undersea welders. Nonetheless, note that the problems in which they function are really different.

Cutting of metal

Underwater welding hours

Underwater welding hours

In addition to welding metal under water, there may be a technological need for cutting steel. It can be produced either by a standard underwater electrode or by oxygen-electrode cutting. A non-melting electrode is installed in the holder, resembling a tube through which oxygen is supplied under pressure. The metal is heated by an electric arc, and the boiling water creates a bubble that prevents water from entering the cut. At this time, a jet of oxygen blows the melt out of the cut seam.

So in this case salaries of underwater welders are sometimes even higher, as the welder shoud make much more work.



Welding of metal under water is one of the most complex and unique processes for joining elements located below the water level, which are technologically impossible or unprofitable to weld on land. This process requires high qualification of the welder, availability of diving skills and good health, as the work is carried out in cold water, as well as at a depth of up to 100 meters.

I know you were asking yourself, just how much money does underwater welders make? Currently you have the solutions. The underwater welding task is well paying.

Nevertheless, as you have actually seen, this hinges on different aspects that include our degree of education and learning, if you are accredited or otherwise, your experience, and far more.

As an underwater welder, you function under straining problems. Your body has to contend with raised water pressure and adjustments in breathing. It is because of that you have to go through rigorous training in a business diving college to provide you the abilities that you require.

Undersea scuba divers range in between the age of 18 to 38. This is due to the intensive labor and also work that goes on in underwater welding. Lots of divers, as a result, opt-out and end up in other careers.

You can continue with your career as an undersea welder by:

– Getting your certification each year.

– Continuing with more training.

– You can learn other areas like engineering to develop your resume as well as earn even more.

– Perform underwater welding in a specialist setting.